The ITS Heartland Chapter of ITS America is intended to facilitate information sharing for ITS projects and activities and to showcase ITS applications in five heartland states, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. To date, all five State Departments of Transportation, along with major universities in each state and the Federal Highway Administration have been involved in developing the organization.

Potential benefits of membership in the ITS Heartland Chapter include information exchange, educational opportunities, project coordination, creation of public-private partnerships, access to future customers, and research sharing. 

The ITS Heartland Chapter holds annual meetings to allow members to discuss ITS issues, share ideas, learn about activities in other states, and have vendors showcase new products.

Intelligent Transportation Systems include many wireless and wired communications and electronic systems that provide information to transportation officials.

To improve the quality of life for those transportation users who live and invest in America's Heartland Region through advanced transportation technologies and communications.

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