2015 Annual Meeting


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Opening Session

Welcome to Omaha - Murthy Koti, City of Omaha
ITS America Updates - Steve Bayless, ITS America

State Updates

Missouri State Update - Jon Nelson, Missouri Department of Transportation
Iowa State Update - Tim Simodynes, Iowa Department of Transportation
Nebraska State Update - Sarah Tracy, Nebraska Department of Roads
Oklahoma State Update - Alan Stevenson, Oklahoma Department of Transportation
Kansas State Update - Leslie Fowler, Kansas Department of Transportation

Session 1

Improving Road Safety in Adverse Weather While Saving Costs in Road Maintenance - Brad Schaefermeyer, High Sierra Electronics
Look Who's Talking - Iowa Partners with WAZE to Improve ATIS - Part 1 - Sinclair Stolle, Iowa DOT (Prezi presentation)
Look Who's Talking - Iowa Partners with WAZE to Improve ATIS - Part 2 - Kristin Virshbo, Castle Rock Associates
Look Who's Talking - Iowa Partners with WAZE to Improve ATIS - Part 3 - Paige Fitzgerald, WAZE
Crowdsourced Data from Social Media - Jeffrey Adler, Open Roads Consulting

Resolving the Practical Problems Associated With Advancements & Trends in Wireless Systems Technology - Mike Larson, Larson Communications
Carrier-grade Technology for Iowa DOT's Communication Network - Tony Taylor, Iowa Department of Transportation

Truck Parking Information and Managment System - Charles Miller, HNTB Corporation
Work Zone ITS and Traffic Critical Projects- Tim Simodynes, Iowa Department of Transportation
Leverage Real-Time Data to Improve Road Network Performance & Incident Detection - Pete Costello, Inrix, Inc.

Transportation Operations Performance Measurement & Management - Matthew Schiemer, Gannett Fleming
ENTERPRISE AND SCOTE Collaboration on ITS Planning Guidance (Warrents) - Dean Deeter, Athey Creek Consultants
Road Closure and Advisory Message Systems for Rural Highways: Planning for Future Minnesota DOT Deployments - Linda Preisen, Athey Creek Consultants.

ITS Commander - Remote Power Management and Monitoring System - Jeremy Huffman, Southern Manufacturing
Live Video Sharing Between Agencies in Missouri - Brent Isenberg, Skyline Technology Solutions

Incorporating TSMO into TMC Weather Integration Planning and Operations - Nancy Powell, KC Scout
NDOR's Fixed Automated Anti-Icing Program: Using Technology to Improve Traveler Safety - Eric Cottone, Boschung America, LLC
NDOR's Internet Kiosks - Steve Ingracia, Olsson Associates

Managing Maturing ITS Infrastructure in Kansas - Andrew Reid, Burns and McDonnell
NDORs "Year of Living Dangerously" and IRIS: a New Way to Look at ATMS - Sarah Tracy, NDOR
Upgrades and Implementation of KC Scout's Video Distribution System - Gary Covey, KC Scout

Omaha Traffic Signal System Master Plan and Deployment - Mike Malone, Iteris

A Mid-Westerner's Guide to Working in the Middle East - Matt Volz, Transpo Group

Best of ITS Awards

Congratulations to the City of West Des Moines - winner of the ITS Heartland "BEST OF ITS" Project Award.

Adaptive Signal Control System - Jim Dickinson, City of West Des Moines

2015 ITS Heartland Student Competition

Congratulations to the winners of the ITS Heartland Student Competition.

  • Boris Claros - Evaluation of Red Light Running Cameras in Missouri
    University of Missouri - 1st Place
  • Roozbeh Rahmani - Arterial Travel Time Estimation using License Plate RecognitionTechnology University of Missouri - 2nd Place
  • Hemin Mohammed - Evaluation of the iCone as a Portable Traffic Data Collection Device University of Kansas - 3rd Place




Athey Creek Consultants
Boschung America, LLC.
HNTB Corporation
HR Green
Live View Technologies
MG Squared Lowering Systems
Olsson Associates
Peek Traffic Corporation
SES America
Skyline Technology Solutions
SRF Consulting Group
Southern Manufacturing


ADDCO (Booth 9)
American Signal Company (Booth 3)
Black and McDonald (Booth 26)
Boschung America, LLC (Booth 22)
Brown Traffic Products, Inc (Booth 4)
CohuHD Costar (Booth 6)
ComNet (Booth 1)
Comtrol (Booth 30)
Daktronics (Booth 2)
Emerson Network Power Surge Protection (Booth 24)
Gades Sales Co (Booth 27)
GBA (Booth 8)
General Traffic Controls (Booth 12)
Information Logistics, Inc. (Booth 16)
Iteris (Booth 16)
Larson Data (Booth 18)
Live View Technologies (Booth 13)
Mid American Signal (Booth 17)
Olsson Associates (Booth 15)
SES America (Booth 21)
Sensys Networks (Booth 29)
Siemens Industry, Inc./RUGGEDCOM(Booth 11)
Skyline Products (Booth 19)
Southern Manufacturing (Booth 23)
SRF Consulting Group (Booth 25)
Swarco Traffic Americas (Booth 5)
Traffic Control Corporation (Booth 14)
Traffic Vision (Booth 7)
TransCore (Booth 20)
Vaisala (Booth 32)
Wanco (Booth 28)
Wireless Technology, Inc (Booth 10)


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